Money: Romania's currency is LEU, meaning 100 BANI.

In order to exchange your money, the safest places are banks and then exchange offices (some of exchange offices could charge you a fee).

For more information on the level of exchange rates, please consult the page of the National Bank of Romania.

Transportation: Public transportation includes an extensive system of buses, trolleybuses, trams and metro lines. For more information please consult the following sites:

We recommend you to pay attention when using taxis, as there are 2 types of taxi drivers in Bucharest: those who are individually licensed and practice high prices, and those working for taxi companies, with prices between 1.39 lei / km - 3.9 lei/km.

We recommend you to avoid taxi cars showing no company name, phone number and price.

Coming from the airport to Bucharest

Bucharest is well connected to almost the entire world. Daily flights arrive and depart from the Henri Coanda Airport. We suggest you to book a flight with at least one month in advance to benefit from more interesting fares.

Public transport from the airport:
  • The 780 Express line connects Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport with the Gara de Nord (main railway station).
  • The 783 Express line connects Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport with the city center.
  • Airport stops: in front of the Arrivals Terminal and Departures Terminal.
  • Price for one trip is 3,5 lei and you should buy a magnetic card in order to use it in the bus. The card desk is in front of the Arrivals Terminal.
Taxis from the Henri Coandă International Airport to Bucharest:
  • On-demand taxi services are available at Bucharest Henri Coandă International Airport. You may access these services by contacting the "Taxi by request” desk.
  • The taxi station is located at the exit of the terminal, at the ground floor.